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Real (Grunting) Men vs. Planet Fitness Gyms
Prejudice Against Fat People Still Common -- Tyra Banks Excluded
Medical Marijuana Gaining Another Foot Hold, Is it Really Medicine?
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Don't Drink Your Calories -- Even with Fruit Juice
Lower Blood Pressure with Magnesium
Flaxseed - 5 Health Benefits to This Tasty Nutty Addition to your Breakfast Cereal
Enjoy Chocolate and Reduce Risk of Stroke and Gain Better Cardiovascular Health
Sweet on Sweet Potatoes
A Case for Avoiding Gluten Even if You are Not Sensitive
A simple weight loss tip - drink water just before your meals
Switch from Salt to Potassium Salt
Actions to Prevent Diabetes Will Help Prevent Alzheimer's
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an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
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The New Year’s Pursuit of the Optimal Female Body
As we approach the New Year, many women may be making resolutions to improve their body types. What is considered a beautiful woman's body has changed markedly over the decades. Here are some choices to get your body closer to what is considered ideal by today's standard. By the way, you'll also get healthier.
Apple Pay Finally Makes Digital Wallets a Reality
Digital Wallets have been around for years, but not widely adopted, Apples fixes all that.
Electronic Invoicing and Payments are Here and Now
In business, cash flow is king. Yes, profitability is important, but having actual cash on hand gives a business owner leverage. Having your profits tied up in receivables does not. Through electronic invoicing, business owners can drastically speed up cash flow while maintaining high customer satisfaction.
Lotte Berk Method Facebook Page Surpasses 1,000 Likes
Women don’t just exercise to the Lotte Berk Method, they subscribe to a philosophy that women can have the total package: smart, health, fit, attractive bodies, and “female swagger”.
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